Teri Hatcher Diet Plan

Teri Hatcher

Hollywood star Teri Hatcher had her career beginnings in the mid-1980s. During her beginnings, she made her television debut in The Love Boat. Her next works were in the TV shows MacGyver, Capitol and Karen’s Song. In the 1990s, she rose to fame for playing Lois Lane in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. During this period, she also became known for playing Paris Carver in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. In the 2000s until the early part of the 2010s, she became internationally known as Susan Mayer in the hit show Desperate Housewives. Her role her had earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress as well as a Primetime Emmy nomination. More recently, she appears as a recurring character in the shows The Odd Couple and Supergirl. She will star in the 2018 upcoming movie Madness in the Method.

The actress stays in shape by living a healthy lifestyle. She works out regularly and sticks to healthy foods. “For me, nutrition is not about weight, and I never think of diet at all — it’s about health,” she said in an interview. She also shared how she avoids eating unhealthy foods: “I don’t eat crap — potato chips or corn syrup or processed food. I’m a farm-to-table person. I will cook in butter or olive oil. I eat protein and vegetables.” After her work in Desperate Housewives, she also trained in culinary arts, which made her more of an expert when it comes to cooking.

One of her favorites? “I love a beautiful lamb chop, medium rare, seared on the outside. I serve that with quinoa, spinach and kale”, she confessed. She went on to say: “One of my favorite things to make is caramelized onions and cabbage. I love making fish tacos with that as a base and then salsa and fresh avocado on top.” Talking further about her favorite meals, she revealed: “One go-to meal is jambalaya in a giant clay pot with organic rice, peppers, onions, celery and all the Cajun spice and three kinds of sausage and shrimp. It’s healthy because it’s got a nice balance of protein and carbs.”

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