Summer Glau Workout Routine

Summer Glau

Hollywood star Summer Glau‘s acting career began with a starring role on short-lived yet popular series Firefly. She portrayed River Tam on the show, a role she reprised in the movie Serenity. She went on to play notable roles on The 4400 and The Unit. It was however her role as Cameron on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles that brought her wider prominence. She next starred as Bennett Halverson on the TV series Dollhouse. In the 2010s, she had remarkable roles on The Cape and Alphas. She also became known for her role as Isabel Rochev/Ravager on Arrow and Anna Brandt on Sequestered.

The actress may be in her mid 30s, but she continues to have a slender and toned physique. This is something that she’s able to maintain with a healthy lifestyle. Aside from eating well, she also stays energized by staying physically active. Her role on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles alone shows how physically equipped the actress is. She revealed how she did all her stunts and fighting scenes on the said show, which ultimately helped her tone her body. For workouts, it is important that her workout routine varies.

In an interview she said: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize how important it is to vary your workouts. I did the same movements every day, and that really wears your body down! Your muscles stop responding and you get in a rut.” As a result, she has decided to alternate between dance classes, spinning, weight training, and hiking. She’s also fond of Cardio Barre classes. She said: “It’s a fantastic workout, designed by a dancer, which uses a traditional ballet barre for balance but also incorporates cardio, stretching, and light weights. It’s aerobic, and you’re definitely toning your muscles the way a dancer would.”

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