Emily Bett Rickards Workout Routine

Emily Bett Rickards

Canadian star Emily Bett Rickards only recently began her Hollywood career. Her first television role was as Felicity Smoak on Arrow. She eventually became the show’s female lead. During her initial years, she had also appeared in the straight-to-video film Flicka: Country Pride. While on Arrow, she has managed to work on other films. This includes Dakota’s Summer and Brooklyn. She has also reprised her role as Felicity on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. She has two upcoming films this year.

The actress is now one of Arrow’s main stars. Being in an action-oriented show she’s transformed her lifestyle into one that is healthy and active. She’s even confessed to working out at least two times per day. She also works with two trainers. In her social media accounts, she shares to her fans images of her working out and even lifting weights. With all her efforts, the actress’ body has transformed into one that is lean, toned and strong. Even though she’s mostly spending her time on her desk doing her hacking magic on Arrow, the actress can also kick some ass if needed since she also has the physique for it.

For the actress, exercising is already part of her lifestyle. Even with her busy schedule, she manages to allot some time to workout. It is also reported that the celebrity is a fan of Soul Cycle. Basically, this is a full-body workout that mixes incredible tunes with weights and core exercises. Clearly, the actress enjoys her physically active lifestyle, which makes her maintain her healthy weight and more! In an interview, she said: “I work out a lot. I work out very early in the morning, and every late at night, depending on our shooting schedule. I just try to keep really active. I enjoy hot yoga and running.”

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