Sonal Chauhan Diet Plan

Sonal Chauhan

Indian celebrity Sonal Chauhan got a strong debut in the Bollywood film Jannat. For her work in the said film, he was nominated for a Best Female Debut at Filmfare. Around the same time he starred in the Telugu feature Rainbow. She also ventured in Kannada cinema with a role in Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu. In the early 2010s, she mostly starred in Bollywood films. This includes starring performances in Bbuddah… Hoga Terra Baap, Pehla Sitara, and 3G. She also had notable roles in the Telugu movies Legend, Pandaga Chesko, Sher and Size Zero. In 2015, she also made her debut in the Tamil cinema with Inji Iduppazhagi. Her most recent role was in the Hindi film Dictator.

Standing at 5’9, the actress apparently has a modelesque figure. She stays slim by following a healthy lifestyle in the form of proper nutrition and regular workouts. She does this not only to look fabulous, but to also improve her overall health. Being fit and healthy also makes one not only energetic, but also with greater mental health. She believes that by living healthy, she reaps the most amazing benefits. Moreover, the actress had a notable performance in the movie 3G. And to prepare for her bikini scenes, she became more conscious of her diet.

To have that great bikini look, she was advised to eat one fruit per day. She also had to give up her favorites such as the likes of rice, fried chicken, desserts and chocolates to avoid gaining extra weight. In an interview, she said: “Yes, I was asked to eat one fruit a day. I love pineapple, so I chose to eat pineapples. It helped me to get in shape.” She also added: “I am big foodie and I never support that staying hungry is good. But I had to do it as I wanted look good on the screen.”

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