Sibylla Deen Net Worth

Sibylla Deen

Sibylla Deen

$100 thousand

Sibylla Deen is an Australian actress. She recently started her professional acting career in 2014. She debuted in the political drama series Tyrant where she played the role of Nusrat Al-Fayeed from 2014 to 2016. At the same time, she portrayed Queen Ankhesenamun in the Canadian-American miniseries Tut. Deen became further known for her recurring character as Lucia in the TNT series The Last Ship, appearing in a total of 8 episodes in 2017. Just this year, the Aussie actress recently played the role of Blair in the Netflix miniseries The I-Land, which was just released this month. She starred alongside Alex Pettyfer and Kate Bosworth.

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