Shantel VanSanten Workout Routine


Television and film star Shantel VanSanten was first a model. She eventually settled to becoming an actress. Though she started in the mid 2000s, her break came in 2009. During this time, she starred in the film The Final Destination. This was also around the same period she began starring as Quinn James on One Tree Hill. The show was a popular one, immediately gaining her recognition. After the show ended in 2012, she played a recurring part on Beauty & the Beast. She then starred on the TV shows Gang Related and The Messengers, both didn’t last long. She will star as Ryan Philippe’s wife on the upcoming series Shooter.

The actress has a slender figure that she maintains through healthy eating and exercising. Being busy in her career, she still manages to fit working out into her schedule and lifestyle because she recognizes its importance. It is even more essential now that she’s in her 30s. But even as when she was younger, the actress already knew how to take care of herself. She stayed away from junk foods and did her exercise regularly. Seeing the results, she decided to do her healthy ways for good. Practicing a healthy lifestyle should be an ongoing thing for everyone.

In an interview, she said of her workout routine: “I work out probably six to seven days a week, and I do Pilates and cardio on the Stairmaster. I’m obsessed with the Stairmaster. I lift weights. For me, working out. I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t work out because I want to be skinny. I work out because I feel better when I leave. I struggled with finding a balance in my life and for me, having an hour to myself in the gym every day makes me feel happier and healthier.”

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