Ruth Wilson Workout Routine

Ruth Wilson

English beauty Ruth Wilson started her acting career on British television. Her first ever significantly notable role was as the titular character on the BBC miniseries Jane Eyre. For this, she got nomination for BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Actress. She next starred on the British series Suburban Shootout. She went on to star as Alice Morgan on the British crime drama Luther. Around the same time, she made her big screen debut in Anna Karenina. She went on to have supporting roles in The Lone Ranger, Saving Mr. Banks and Suite Française. She recently became more well-known among international audiences for her role on the Showtime series The Affair. She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her performance on the show in 2015.

The 35-year-old actress looks svelte and she has her love for workout to thank for. In an interview, she reveals her love of an active lifestyle. She said: “I do spin, and I do SoulCycle, yoga, and boxing, but I’ve continued those here. I love exercise, so it’s got nothing to do with where I am. The difference is, in New York, everything is on your doorstep, so you eat out, you exercise, you fall easily into that lifestyle.”

The award-winning actress also revealed how she has sometimes put pressure on herself to obtain a certain physique, though she admitted that in her line of work no one has ever told her she needed to change her body. She stated: ‘No one’s ever said to me: “You need to lose weight, be a certain shape, or have a trainer. I’ve asked for a trainer, if the producers have got the money, because I love to work out! But no, I have never felt pressured by anyone, although maybe I have put pressure on myself.’

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