Rory Keenan Net Worth

Rory Keenan

Rory Keenan:

$750 thousand

Rory Keenan is an Irish actor. He had his career beginnings in 1999, debuting in the miniseries Aristocrats. In the 2000s, he first starred in the TV series On Home Ground. He later made his big screen debut in the movie Reign of Fire. The rest of the decade saw him performing in such films as Intermission, Ella Enchanted, One Hundred Mornings, and Zonad. He also appeared in several episodes of The Clinic. In the 2010s, he made notable guest appearances in Primeval, Peaky Blinders, and Stan Lee’s Lucky Man. He also had recurring roles in War & Peace and Versailles. From 2017 to 2018, he starred as Eric in Striking Out. He recently played Shep in the new series The Duchess. His latest film performance was in 2016’s Grimsby.

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