Rachel Nichols Diet Plan

Rachel Nichols

Hollywood actress Rachel Nichols had her acting beginnings in the 2000s. As she was starting, she had guest roles on a few TV shows. She then became known for her role as Jessica Matthews in the movie Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. After this, she secured the lead role on the TV series The Inside, but it was short-lived. She went on to star as Rachel Gibson on the popular series Alias. Afterwards, she focused on acting in the movies. This includes roles in P2, Charlie Wilson’s War, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. In the 2010s, she was best known for her role as Ashley Seaver on Criminal Minds, Kiera Cameron on Continuum, and as Jamie on Chicago Fire. Her recent work on the cinema was in 2016’s Pandemic.

The actress has recently turned 38 this year. Standing at 5’10, she surely has a curvaceous yet lean figure. Despite her nearing her 40s, Rachel takes care of her body and overall health through proper nutrition. In an interview, she was asked about her diet. She said: “I definitely try to eat a healthy diet, but I am the first person to say I love unhealthy food. I would never tell you I don’t. I love fried chicken or mac and cheese. Do I order them all the time when I’m out at restaurants? No, though I do have one splurge meal a week.”

She added: “In September, for two weeks, I tried this eating plan where I cut out dairy, gluten, alcohol, sugar, carbs, and all processed foods. So I’d have a protein shake in the morning, a protein shake for lunch, and either a salad with some protein for dinner or maybe sushi, but without the rice. And normally I’d be eating dinner early, by 7:30, because I’d be so hungry! But I did it with a girlfriend and that helped a lot. It’s like the buddy system for dieting, because it helps keep you accountable.”

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