Omar Epps Workout Routine

Omar Epps

Hollywood actor Omar Epps had his career beginnings in the 1990s. During his early start, he had roles in the films Juice, Daybreak, Major League II, and Higher Learning, among others. He then portrayed Kingsley Ofosu in the television movie Deadly Voyage. At the same time, he made his television debut as Dr. Dennis Gant in ER. In the 2000s, he acted in the movies Love & Basketball, Dracula 2000, Perfume, Big Trouble, Alfie, and Against the Ropes. His most prominent role, however, was as Dr. Eric Foreman in the popular series House. The show ran for eight seasons, earning him substantial recognition. After this, he joined the main cast of the short-lived series Resurrection. As of 2016, he stars as Isaac Johnson in the television series Shooter. His latest movie was 2016’s Almost Christmas.

The former House actor keeps focused when it comes to maintaining his fitness. Aside from playing a doctor in House, he’s also played an athlete in many of his movies. For this reason, he takes his physical fitness to a new level. Surprisingly though, he doesn’t work with a trainer, saying: “I don’t. I’ve done so many sports films in my life, I have about 50 different regimens. Right now I am doing the platinum workout, which is LL Cool’s J’s workout.” When asked how he stays fit, he said:

“Right now, I’m doing five-day- a-week workouts, for about an hour and a half to two hours. I try to do them in the morning. It just varies—Mondays and Wednesdays, upper body, and Tuesdays and Thursdays, lower body. Friday is just a general workout: at least a half hour of cardio, then machines and free weights.” When asked how he finds the time to train, he said: “That’s the secret—I don’t know yet. I’m always doing calisthenics in my trailer, 250 pushups or situps. I’m thinking of even taking up yoga this year.”

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