Danny Huston Net Worth

Danny Huston

Danny Huston:

$3 million

Danny Huston is an American actor. He has since ventured into writing and directing. He made his first credited role in the 1997 film Anna Karenina. In the 2000s, he had roles in the films Timecode, 21 Grams, Silver City, and Birth. He later portrayed Jack Frye in the 2004 film The Aviator. He went on to star in the movies The Constant Gardener, Marie Antoinette, Children of Men, Fade to Black, The Kingdom, and How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. In 2009, he portrayed Colonel William Stryker in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the 2010s, he played Richard the Lionheart in Robin Hood and Joseph Holt in The Conspirator. He also became more active on TV, starring as Ben “The Butcher” Diamond in Magic City, playing The Axeman in American Horror Story: Coven, and Dr. Douglas Greathouse in Masters of Sex.

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