Nikolai Nikolaeff Net Worth

Nikolai Nikolaeff

Nikolai Nikolaeff:

$1 million

Nikolai Nikolaeff is an Australian actor whose career began in the late ’90s. He became more active the following decade, particularly on television. His first starring role was as Mike Hansen on the Aussie show Crash Zone, after which he starred in the film Subterano. He next starred as Drew Regnery on the children’s show The Saddle Club. His next regular stint was on the TV series Wicked Science. In 2008, he became known for his role as Dominic/Rhino Ranger in the US show Power Rangers Jungle Fury. From 2009 to 2011, he starred on the TV show Sea Patrol. He recently gained recognition for his roles as Vladimir in Netflix’s Daredevil and Mr. Azarov in The OA.

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