Natalie Portman Workout Routine

Natalie Portman

Israeli-born Natalie Portman was a young girl when she first impressed the movie industry with her knack for acting. She was already one of the leads when she made her debut in Léon: The Professional. Soon came international recognition courtesy of her portrayal of Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel films. By 2000s, she was already a well-known name in Hollywood, gaining her first Oscar nomination for her role in Closer. She then starred in the majorly-produced films V for Vendetta and The Other Boleyn Girl before winning an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in Black Swan. Venturing into directing, she made her debut in A Tale of Love and Darkness.

Award-winning actress Natalie Portman has managed to maintain her slender figure throughout the years. For her role in Black Swan, the actress also notably shed lots of pounds to achieve the body of a ballerina. In order to do this, she worked out five hours a day doing ballet, cross-training, and swimming. She trained six months before the start of the filming. This was followed by choreography training. In her normal lifestyle, Natalie still exercises by engaging herself in outdoor activities such as hiking.

She also takes the time and effort to go out and run. Staying active is part of her family’s healthy routine. In addition, she practices yoga regularly and hits the gym on a regular basis, too, before and after having a child. Despite her being careful of her health habits, the actress focuses on being happy, on doing things that she loves. “I’d never get to the point where I would starve or injure myself,” the actress was noted saying. When she’s hungry, she eats. When she’s tired, she rests. She doesn’t do what she doesn’t want to do. For her, it’s all about pleasure and joy.

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