Mary-Louise Parker Diet Plan

Mary-Louise Parker

American actress Mary-Louise Parker is surprisingly now in her 50s. First becoming hugely popular for her lead role in the acclaimed series Weeds, Mary-Louise actually started her career in the 1980s on television, then easily switching to acting on the big screen. Despite lots of appearances in movies, it was on the small screen that she really became a star, first impressing television audiences for her role in The West Wing, followed by another acclaimed miniseries Angels in America. Of course, as mentioned, she is most notably known for playing widower-turned-marijuana dealer in Weeds. Her performance on the show won her a Golden Globe Award. In the 2010s, she’s best known for her roles in the films Solitary Man, RED, and RED 2.

The 51-year-old actress stands at 5’8, and despite her aforementioned age, she looks fit, pretty, and healthy, something that’s credited to her healthy lifestyle. In addition to thanking her mother for passing on to her her amazing genes, Mary-Louise attributes her awesome well-being to all aspects of her lifestyle being executed in moderation. She said: “I would have to say clean living and being moderate about everything. No heavy partying, drinking or drugs. I just want to make lunches and organize my kids’ playroom.”

The actress also revealed in an interview her love for avocados, which she credits for giving her great skin. She generally eats healthy, which is why she still has an amazing figure and radiant skin. Her father dying from colon cancer was a massive wake-up call about trying to live as clean and as healthy as possible. Interestingly, Mary-Louise said she mostly follows a vegan diet to make sure she eats nutritious foods. She stated: “I am eating a mostly vegan diet right now. I am also trying to stay away from products containing parabens.”

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