Maria Bello Workout Routine

Maria Bello

Hollywood star Maria Bello started her career in the mid 1990s. She made her small screen debut with a starring role on the short-lived series Mr. & Mrs. Smith. She next starred as Dr. Anna Del Amico on ER. After this she appeared in the films Permanent Midnight and Payback. In the 2000s she became more active as an actress. During this time, she appeared in Coyote Ugly, Assault on Precinct 13, A History of Violence, Flicka, and World Trade Center, among others. In the 2010s, she starred in the feature films Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, Prisoners, The 5th Wave and Max Steel. On television, she starred on the short-lived shows Prime Suspect and Touch. She currently stars as Michelle McBride on the new series Goliath.

The film and TV star is already in her 50s. But it is apparent how she loos younger than her actual age. How does she manage to stay young and keep in shape? For her it’s pretty simple -eat right and workout regularly. In an interview, she admitted to prioritizing her fitness routine. She’s even hired a trainer to help her maintain her fit body. Not only does she want to sustain her fitness, she also wants to maintain her overall health. Of course, maintaining healthy weight is also her priority.

In this interview, she said: “I have a trainer named Aimee Carpenter, and she has this company called Indigo Mountain. Some days we go for a hike, other days we do weights at my house. It’s kind of like going with the flow instead of thinking, “I have to do 20 squats today.” I also do Pilates at a studio called Embodiment.” But how does she sustain her fitness regimen with her busy schedule? She said: “Yeah, a workout is the first thing I’ll put off. When I do Pilates, or when I do work out, I feel better all day. Yet I still struggle to keep it on my schedule.”

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