Lily James Diet Plan

Lily James

English actress Lily James became first known in the UK television for her role in the popular period drama Downton Abbey in 2012. Before that, she worked on the British TV drama Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Her notable performances on the small screen and her radiance easily caught the attention of those who call the shots in the industry, leading her to make her Hollywood debut in the movie Wrath of the Titans in 2012. Same year she acted in the feature films Fast Girls and Broken. A few years later, she made her debut as a lead actress in the Disney movie Cinderella, a role many moviegoers think is perfect for her. It was released in 2015. More promising projects await her, including the upcoming movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. As of now, she stars on the British television adaptation of War and Peace.

The 26-year-old charmer is hard not to notice. With her pretty face intensified by her smize and charming smile, in addition to her long and slender frame (she’s 5’7), Lily’s continuous success on the big screen as well as on the television is not surprising at all. How does she maintain her slim physique? Interestingly, even though she’s naturally slim, she still took the time and effort to undergo a dietary regime for her role in Cinderella. Apparently, she had to do more dieting than usual to fit into her tiny blue corset, which she really did; and did successfully through liquid dieting.

This method is no stranger to celebrities. Famous people like Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Beyonce have been noted for practicing liquid diets. However, the all-juice diet as a way of losing weight and detoxification is not healthy as it sounds. Primarily because liquids cannot provide you everything your body requires. Why is it popular? Because it’s effective in making someone lose weight fast. Right now Lily doesn’t seem unhealthy. She probably was just pressured to be thinner for a role on a major motion picture. As long as she sticks to her normal diet plan, which should be healthy, she should be okay.

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