Kevin Bacon Net Worth


Kevin Bacon net worth:

$50 million

Kevin Bacon is an American actor. His Hollywood career started in the ’70s. He got his first significant role in the film Friday the 13th. His breakthrough, however, was as the lead in Footloose. He got more famous in the ’90s. He starred in the films Tremors, Flatliners, JFK, A Few Good Men and Apollo 13. In the 2000s, he started the decade by playing the lead in Hollow Man. He went on to star in Mystic River, Beauty Shop, and Frost/Nixon. His active career continued in the 2010s. He played Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class. His most recent film is 2016’s The Darkness. He also ventured to television recently. He was one of the leads on the TV series The Following.

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