Autumn Reeser Workout Routine

Autumn Reeser

Actress Autumn Reeser‘s first mainstream character was as Taylor Townsend on the hit series The O.C.. Prior to this, she had also played recurring parts on the TV shows Undressed, Grounded for Life, and Complete Savages. After The O.C. ended, she joined the main cast of the show Valentine, though it was cancelled right away. From 2009 to 2010, she played Lizzie Grant on Entourage. Subsequently, she starred as Katie Andrews on another short-lived series No Ordinary Family. Subsequently, she starred as Dr. Gabrielle Asano on Hawaii Five-0. Simultaeously, she starred as Kylie Sinclair on Last Resort and played Abigail Bruce on Necessary Roughness. This year, she plays the role of Leslie Bellcamp on the show The Arrangement. She’s also played lead roles on several TV movies in the 2010s, as well as in the feature films Sully, Kill ‘Em All, and Valley of Bones.

She may be nearing her 40s, but the film and television actress surely knows how to maintain her youthful glow and slender figure. What’s her secret? Aside from her healthy eating habits, she also sustains her fit body by being physically active. This means she moves a lot and exercises as much as she could. Talking about her fitness work, she said: “I’m a dancer so I danced a lot and started doing this thing called Orange Theory. It’s really hard! It involves half an hour of running on a treadmill and then weights! But it was good training for this because it required a lot of stamina.”

When asked about another beauty secret, she said: “Sleep! Does that count as a beauty trend?! I’m a big fan of sleep lately. I was not a person who slept a lot when I was younger. I was like ‘I can sleep when I’m dead! Who cares about sleep! Go go go!’ I don’t believe in that philosophy anymore. I think sleep is very important so you can enough energy to get through life and be present.”

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