Joely Richardson Net Worth

Joely Richardson

Joely Richardson net worth:

$4 million

Joely Richardson is an English actress. Her acting career began in the 1980s. During this time she appeared in a few movies and played a recurring role on the British series Behaving Badly. In the 1990s, she portrayed the titular character on the BBC TV serial Lady Chatterley. During this period, she also made notable roles in the films 101 Dalmatians, Event Horizon, and Under Heaven. She became more well-recognized in the 2000s thanks to her roles in the film The Patriot and as Julia McNamara on the US series Nip/Tuck. In the 2010s, she portrayed Queen Catherine Parr on The Tudors and currently stars on the new series Emerald City. Her recent movies are Snowden and Fallen.

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