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American actor Joe Manganiello first became known for his role as Flash Thompson in the Spider-Man films in the 2000s. On television, he played recurring roles on How I Met Your Mother, ER, and One Tree Hill. His major break was as Alcide Herveaux on HBO’s True Blood. In the 2010s, he also became more prolific on the big sreen. He joined the main cast of the ensemble film What to Expect When You’re Expecting. He next starred in Magic Mike. More recently he starred in the films Sabotage and Magic Mike XXL. He will portray Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman movie.

The 40-year-old actor is apparently well-built. His toned and chiseled-looking body helped him caught people’s attention. This made him perfect for his role on True Blood. From his looks, it is obvious he maintains a workout routine. And a rigorous one at that. In his book Evolution, he shared his workout routine to achieve his role as a werewolf on True Blood. It was revealed that his regimen involved him training six days per week. Days were split to focus on chest, back, legs, triceps, shoulders and biceps.

Here are some his routines: Incline Barbell Bench Press and Pronated Wide-Grip Pull-Up. There were also General Push-ups, Dumbbell Bench Press, and Low to Medium Intensity Cardio. These were for his chest and back. For his legs and triceps, he did back squat, plyometric jump squat, and bodyweight squat. Additionally, he also did single-leg curl, high box jump, bench dip and triangle push-up. Interestingly, Joe would start his routine with light workouts in the morning on an empty stomach. He would then increase the intensity during the afternoon. He said that after 3 months, he lost 12 pounds. He also lowered his body weight to 8%. When asked about his secret, the actor said: “Everybody is looking for this fad diet or something, but there really is no secret. There is no fad. Just exercise. Get in there and break a sweat every day. That is my secret. My secret is, ‘There is no secret.”

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