Jeremy Northam Net Worth

Jeremy Northam

Jeremy Northam:

$3 million

Jeremy Northam is an English actor. He started acting professionally during the late 1980s. He debuted on the TV movie Journey’s End. He next played ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald on the miniseries Piece of Cake. He later became known for starring on the show Wish Me Luck. In the ’90s, he had roles in the films Soft Top Hard Shoulder, Carrington, and The Net. He later portrayed Mr. Knightley in the period film Emma. Following this, he starred in the Hollywood films Mimic and Amistad. In the 2000s, he portrayed Ivor Novello in the film Gosford Park. He later portrayed Sir Thomas More on the Showtime series The Tudors. In the 2010s, he played Dr. Matthew Proctor on the CBS series Miami Medical, Edward on the miniseries White Heat, and Anthony Eden on The Crown.

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