James Marsden Workout Routine

James Marsden

American actor James Marsden is one of Hollywood’s good guys. Starting his career in the early 1990s with guest appearances and later on regular roles on television, he achieved his mainstream breakthrough as Cyclops in X-Men (2000), a role he has since reprised in subsequent X-Men films. He’s also acted notably in several other films, including Zoolander, The Notebook, Superman Returns, Hairspray, and Enchanted, as well as starred in the romantic comedy 27 Dresses. In the 2010s, he’s had memorable roles in Straw Dogs, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and portrayed John F. Kennedy in The Butler (2013). Most recent films are The Best of Me and The Loft.

Standing at 5’10, the 42-year-old actor looks amazingly lean and fit. He’s also one of those actors who has played a variety of characters in almost all genres, proving his versatility as a performer. His superhero character in the past somehow required him to undergo rigorous training and diet, but him bulking up didn’t really make him good. So, James decided to loosen up a bit. In the present, the actor doesn’t spend much time in the gym as much as he did before. Despite this, he still manages to look great and healthy.

His secret in order to obtain this is not really a secret. He simply engages himself in physical activities like playing basketball, football, and volleyball with friends. He said: “The gym mentality doesn’t work for me. It’s too isolating. I have to be outdoors chasing a ball. And I feel substantially better about myself when I do.” This way, it doesn’t seem like a training but fun and playful sports enjoyed with friends. He added: “Yeah, you want to look good, but it’s not necessary to look like the statue of David every time you take your shirt off. I’d rather look healthy, have a sound mind, and be comfortable in my own skin.”

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