Jaime Murray Workout Routine

Jaime Murray

It was in 2001 that English beauty Jaime Murray had started her acting journey. Her very first role was in the British series The Bill. A few years later, she landed the role of Stacie Monroe in the British drama series Hustle. This marked her first main role on the small screen. At the same time, she had roles in the movies The Deaths of Ian Stone and Botched.

After Hustle, she played Lila West in the American series Dexter. Her next role was as Grace Valentine/Aphrodite in the TV series Valentine. In the 2010s, she played Helena “H.G.” Wells in Warehouse 13. At the same time, she played Gaia in the miniseries Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. She went on to have notable roles in the TV shows Ringer, Defiance, and Once Upon a Time. Meanwhile, her work in the movies was mostly in low-budget and straight-to-video films.

The actress maintains her shape and overall health by being physically active. In an interview, she admitted that she doesn’t really follow a specific diet plan nor does she diet at all. For this reason, she tries to make it up by exercising on a regular basis. She likes getting physically active. She likes to sweat and she always tries to keep her heart rate up. So, when asked about whether she diet or not, she said:

“No. I really love to eat so exercise is important for me.” Of course, her fans wonder how the actress maintains her svelte figure. Despite being in her 40s, it’s obvious how Jaimie sports a slim and a toned physique, something amazing to achieve when you’re at this crucial age. When asked how she stays in shape, she said: “I take spinning classes. I thought I was going to die after my first class, but after a while it becomes addictive.”

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