A. J. Cook Workout Routine


Television actress A. J. Cook started acting in her native country in Canada. She had gigs on television, TV movies and films during her initial years in the late ’90s. Her first acting gig in a well-known film was as Mary Lisbon in The Virgin Suicides. Afterwards, she was cast for a main role on the American-Canadian show Higher Ground, which was short-lived. Her next regular role was on Tru Calling. Around the same time she starred in the film Final Destination 2. It was, however, her character as JJ on Criminal Minds that made her a television staple. She has been playing the said role since 2005.

The actress is nearing her 40s, but looking at her it doesn’t show at all. The A.J. is also a mother of two kids. Despite her busy life being a wife, a mother and a regular on Criminal Minds, she manages to stay healthy. She does so by simply taking care of herself. She avoids unpleasant habits like drinking and partying. She sticks to healthy food most of the time. Of course, she also works out regularly not only to maintain her weight but feel good on the inside. When asked about the struggle of being thin in Hollywood, the actress answered:

“The best thing I ever did was stop dieting. My whole life it’s been this struggle where you feel like you don’t look good enough, you’re not skinny enough. I don’t consider it a chore to eat properly and work out. I want to do it to be as healthy as I can for my son.” As she said, working out is something that she naturally does. Because she knows that it’s what keeps her fit and healthy. She also said she can fit in some time to exercise in between shoots. She said: “I think what changed is that my life got exponentially busier, and now I look forward to the time in the day where I get to escape.”

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