Izabella Miko Diet Plan

Izabella Miko

Hollywood actress Izabella Miko is from Poland, but it was in the US that she pursued a full-time acting career. This started after she was recruited to attend New York City Ballet. In 2000, she made her big screen debut in Coyote Ugly. Her acting career flourished since then. She had roles in the films The Forsaken, Park, and The House of Usher. Being a dancer, she joined the cast of the straight-to-video movie Save the Last Dance 2. She has also ventured to television, starting with guest roles. In the 2010s, she starred in the movies Age of Heroes, Two Jacks, Step Up: All In, and The Frontier. She also had a recurring role as Katya on Chicago Fire.

The actress may already be in her late 30s, but it clearly doesn’t show. This is because she takes care of herself by eating healthy all the time. She’s cautious of the foods she consumes as she makes sure they’re also clean and nutritious. She stays away from junk and processed foods mostly. Although she has cravings every now and then, she makes sure she only eats them in moderation. She believes in the importance of moderate eating. This has been one of her ways to maintaining her slender and toned figure, in addition to keeping an active lifestyle.

For one, Izabella starts her day the right and healthy way. In an interview, she got candid of her morning eating routine, saying: “I swear by this shake…I’ve been drinking this each morning for the last three years. I use unsweetened coconut milk, ice, frozen berries, spirulina, macca powder, agave to sweeten it, vanilla plant protein powder and amino acids for my muscles.” The actress also runs an environmental foundation, which makes it easier for her to eat as naturally healthy as possible.

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