Hayley Atwell Diet Plan


English-born American actress Hayley Atwell is now a well-known actress in Hollywood. After making her start on the TV movie Whatever Love Means, she appeared in 3 episodes of the British drama The Line of Beauty. Woody Allen noticed her and cast her in the film Cassandra’s Dream. This became her cinematic debut. Her supporting role in the period drama The Duchess got her wider recognition. She finally got her break in the 2010s. This was as Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger. She reprised the role on the TV series Agent Carter. The show was cancelled after two seasons. She next played the lead on the TV series Conviction. However, this didn’t last on TV, as well.

The former Agent Carter star is admired for her beauty and talent. Her curvaceous figure is something that easily captures attention. Obviously, Hayley is downright sexy with her curves. Being in her mid 30s, she understands the importance of healthy eating. This is exactly what she does to maintain her figure. She’s not only slender, she’s also fit and lean. This makes her more efficient in her role as Agent Carter. Interestingly, the actress’ diet mainly involves beans, kelps, mushrooms, maple syruo, quinoa, cauliflower, yogurt and cottage cheese.

These are all healthy and well-thought of on her part. She makes sure she doesn’t eat sugary and oily foods. At least not most of the time. In an interview, she said: “My real self, the self I have always been from a child, is a loner and nerd, slightly overweight, with a very heavy fringe.” With this, we can assume that the actress lost weight for her role in Captain America. After all, she was the female lead in the movie, so it was somehow important for her to do so. After her weight loss, she said she became more confident.

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