Hannah Simone Workout Routine

Hannah Simone

New Girl’s Hannah Simone got herself into acting some time in the mid 2000s. Like most actresses, her first acting jobs were guest appearances on a couple of shows. Before her break on television, she worked as host on the Canadian program Space for Living. She also worked as VJ for MuchMusic. She next landing a hosting gig for WCG Ultimate Gamer. After this ended, she auditioned for roles on television. She successfully landed the role of Cecilia “Cece” Parekh on the comedy-drama series New Girl. The success of the series, both commercially and critically, cemented her prominence. While on the show, she starred on the web series H+: The Digital Series. More recently, she starred in the film Band Aid.

For the New Girl star, being active is huge. This surely is one of the reasons why she has a slender and toned figure. For one, she loves walking, as basic as it is, it actually has a lot of health benefits. That’s why walking is still a great form of cardio exercise. Working out makes her feel good about herself. Speaking of her fondness of everything that involves being mobile and active, she said in an interview:

“I grew up in cultures where we walked a lot, so I still do that here. If I had a Fitbit I’d be clocking 50,000 steps a day. If you see a girl walking in L.A., it’s me. I don’t do it for fitness or health. I just like it. I also like to go to Shape House in Larchmont Village, just to sweat. I highly recommend it. It’s good to lie down for an hour without your phone or any distractions. And I love spin classes, being in a dark room, surrounded by a community of people and going for a ride.”

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