Ethan Hawke Workout Routine

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke is an American actor who started his career in Hollywood many years ago when he was still a teenager. His big break came some time later when he landed a role in Dead Poets Society, in which his acting was significantly noticed. He became more popular in the 1990s when he secured starring roles in the movies Gattaca, Reality Bites, and in the acclaimed romantic drama Before Sunrise. However, it was his role as rookie cop in Training Day that made him a true star. Later in his career, he continued landing notable roles on the big screen with the Before Sunrise sequels: Before Sunset and Before Midnight, both earning him Oscar nominations for his writing contribution. Speaking of writing, Ethan is also a published novelist with The Hottest State, which also became a movie. More recently, he starred in the drama film Boyhood, for which he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, his first as an actor.

Now in his 40s, the Reality Bites star still looks handsome as ever. Even though signs of aging creeps on his face, it doesn’t lessen his overall charm and undeniable talent, which he still actively showcases as an actor and a writer. When it comes to his physique, Ethan is not like other actors in Hollywood who showcases their super athletic buff bodies because it’s necessary for film roles. So far, Ethan hasn’t really found himself playing a superhero or a kick-ass fighting character. He’s mostly known for his dramatic roles, thus there is no need for him to have a carved abs. Still, it doesn’t mean that the actor is not fit and healthy. He is, despite having an average-looking body.

He’s not obsessed in going to gyms to exercise and then posting workout selfies. It’s not just his style. He’s more of exercising the natural way, like by running and playing sports. He enjoys outdoor activities like trekking and hiking and for him these should be enough to give his body the workout it needs. He gives importance to his health and fitness but he doesn’t go with the flow when it comes to attaining fitness. Sure, he has worked out in gyms, too, but he’s not so crazy about overdoing anything because he doesn’t have a specific body goal. It’s just really important for him that he feels strong and he manages his weight.

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