Diego Klattenhoff Workout Routine

Diego Klattenhoff

Canadian actor Diego Klattenhoff had his career start in the early 2000s. During his early years, he had guest roles on television shows Doc, Witchblade, 1-800-Missing, and many others. He later made his cinematic debut in the movie Mean Girls. He later acted in the features Cube Zero and Ice Princess. He later made more notable appearances on the shows At the Hotel, Whistler, and Men in Trees. From 2009 to 2010, he played Mike Callahan in Mercy. He became more prominent among TV audiences for his role as Mike Faber in Homeland. Afterwards, he joined the main cast of The Blacklist as Donald Ressler. He still stars on the show up to present. He’s also appeared in the feature films Lavender and Radius.

Diego Klattenhoff had his first major break in Homeland. To play the role of a soldier, he trained hard and intensely to achieve the ideal physique. For starters, he regularly performs his cardio. He does “10 minutes of stretching and go for a morning jog 3-5 times per week to burn off fat.” He likes performing outdoors just for the change of scenery. He said: “Cardio is boring for me, so running outside helps to keep me going.”

To add variation to this routine, he would also attend Muay Thai or kickboxing class. He’ll even go for ashtanga or kundalini yoga classes, just to balance things out. About his fitness goals, he said: “I’m going for that Mark Wahlberg look. Strong and confident. Before I even took the role as Mike, I’ve always been in pretty decent shape. I played hockey and baseball as a kid growing up in Nova Scotia. I’ve also been playing some golf with Damian Lewis.”

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