Briana Evigan Workout Routine

Briana Evigan

It was in 1996 that actress Briana Evigan got her career start. She made her debut in the movie Spectre. After several years of hiatus, she returned to acting in the mid-2000s with minor roles in a few films. She later landed her breakout role as Andrea “Andie” West in the 2008 movie Step Up 2: The Streets. She next starred in the films S. Darko and Sorority Row.

In the 2010s, she became more active as a film actress, starring in the movies Mother’s Day, Rites of Passage, Stash House, The Devil’s Carnival, and Puncture Wounds. She then reprised her role as Andie West in the sequel Step Up: All In. On television, she had a recurring character as Sonja Lam in the TV series From Dusk till Dawn. She later starred in the Hallmark movie Once Upon a Holiday, as well as in the Lifetime film The Good Nanny.

The 32-year-old actress stays in shape by sticking to an active lifestyle. Being a dancer, being mobile is part of her daily life. In fact, her dancing is already considered as a great form of workout. It’s like Briana’s exercising by doing what she loves to do. In an interview, she talked about how fitness is important in her life. She said: “Fitness is absolutely a way of life for me. I actually like exercising, and I obviously like being healthy and eating well. I think everything you put into your body kind of allows you to be more physical and go out there and just feel really great about yourself.”

For her role in Step Up 5, she admitted to training more intensely than her usual workout routine. She revealed: “Yes, actually I don’t dance anymore like I used to, so when they called me for Step Up I started dancing for about a month again before the shoot and normally I do Pilates on the reformer, and I like yoga and kind of do a high intense cardio workout on a regular basis. But I like to switch it up a lot, and when we returned to the film it was just you know, 9-11 hours of dancing a day.”

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