Ann Magnuson Net Worth

Ann Magnuson

Ann Magnuson:

$3 million

Ann Magnuson is an American actress. She has been acting since the 1980s. During her early years, she appeared in the films Vortex, Perfect Strangers, and A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon. She later starred as Catherine Hughes in the TV series Anything but Love. In the ’90s, she guest-starred in some TV shows and acted in TV films. She also had performances in the feature films Clear and Present Danger, Before and After, and Still Breathing. The following decade, she became the voice of Miss O’Keats in the animated series All Grown Up! Other movie roles include Panic Room, The United States of Leland, and Mansfield 66/67. She recently played Caroline Abendsen in Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle.

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