Amy Jackson Diet Plan

Amy Jackson

Actress Amy Jackson had her career beginnings in the 2010s in India. Her first ever role was in the Tamil feature Madrasapattinam. She next made her Hollywood debut in Ekk Deewana Tha. She also ventured Telugu cinema with her role in Yevadu. She was also raised for her performance in the Tamil movie I. She went on to star in the Bollywood films Singh Is Bliing, Freaky Ali, and Tutak Tutak Tukiya. She’s also starred in the Tamil features Thanga Magan, Gethu, Theri, and Devi. This year, she ventured to Hollywood. She started appearing as Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl on the American series Supergirl. She’s also currently working on the movie Boogie Man.

The 25-year-old actress stays in shape by following a healthy lifestyle. Aside from working out, she makes sure she mostly eats nutritious foods. She does this not only to maintain her healthy weight but to also stay healthy. She understands that eating processed and junk foods would only make her lethargic. And nobody wants that. So, how does she makes sure that her body is fit and healthy? She opts foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals over foods that are loaded with sugar and sodium.

First thing in the morning, she already drinks up to one liter of water to get her metabolism get started. For breakfast, she usually has scrambled eggs or porridge with fruits. For lunch, she has grilled chicken/fish, boiled potatoes, and steamed veggies. For dinner, she opts for something light. So, she has a bowl of homemade soup and salad. In an interview, she said: “I like to keep it light and I try to eat before 7:00 pm. If I feel hungry in between meals I munch a few almonds and bananas.” She went on to say: “Sunday is a pig out day for me and I love to eat too much of anything I love..!”

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