Amanda Setton Diet Plan

Amanda Setton

Hollywood actress Amanda Setton started her acting career in the mid 2000s. Her first role was in a short film. She went on to make her film debut with a minor role in the romantic comedy What Happens in Vegas. Around the same time, she started appearing as Penelope Shafai on Gossip Girl. Her recurring character on the show gained her mainstream recognition. Simultaneously, she landed the role of Kimberly Andrews on the soap opera One Life to Live. Her career flourished in the 2010s, starring as Shauna Dicanio on The Mindy Project’s first season. She next joined the main cast of the short-lived comedy series The Crazy Ones as Lauren Slotsky. She next appeared as Dr. Mindy Shaw, a recurring character on Hawaii Five-0.

The 32-year-old actress takes care of herself by making sure she eats a clean, well-rounded diet everyday. Being in the show business, she knows how it’s important to maintain her slim figure. But she also eats healthy not only to look slender, but to also feel healthier inside and out. Filling her stomach with nutritious foods helps her to stay strong, energetic, and improves her immune system, too. This is important if she wants to keep working in Hollywood healthy and strong.

Basically, she avoids eating processed and junk foods. She doesn’t like feeding herself with something that’s loaded with oil, sugar, or sodium. She focuses on having food items that will be beneficial for her health. These mostly are fiber-rich foods and those loaded with anti-oxidants, like fruits and vegetables. She loves eating avocados, too, as these are a good source of healthy fats. In an interview, she said: “I’m a pretty healthy eater. I tend to stay away from meat and dairy. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds.”

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