Alice Braga Diet Plan

Alice Braga

It was in 1998 that Brazilian actress Alica Braga got her start. She had her debut in the short film Trampolim. She made her cinematic debut as Angélica in the Brazilian crime film City of God. She next starred in the Brazilian films Lower City, Only God Knows, Journey to the End of the Night and Dark. In 2007, she made her Hollywood debut as Anna Montez in the film I Am Legend. She next starred in the films Redbelt, Blindness, and Crossing Over. She continued acting in the 2010s.

During this period, she starred in the movies Repo Men, Predators, and The Rite. Subsequently, she starred in On the Road, Elysium, Latitudes, The Ardor, Kill Me Three Times, and The Duel. In 2016, she started playing the lead, Teresa Mendoza, in the USA Network series Queen of the South. She still plays the role up to present with the show being renewed for the third season. At the same time, she starred in the movie The Shack. She also plays the recurring role of Soraya in the Brazilian series Samantha!.

The 35-year-old actress doesn’t deprive herself of food. Although she sticks to nutritious foods most of the time, she doesn’t follow any strict diet plans, not really. In an interview, she also gushed about her love of Brazilian food, which, of course, is natural since she’s from Brazil. She said:

“[I love] pão de queijo. It’s made with yucca flour and cheese. It reminds me of my childhood. And [I love] the dish feijoada, which is like this black beans — it’s kind of similar to a bunch of foods from Latin America but made with different spices. So that’s something that you eat with rice and it’s the beans with some meat inside, cooked very slowly, and then you eat [it] fried yucca. It’s very fattening, but it’s amazing!”

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