Alexz Johnson Workout Routine

Alexz Johnson

It was in 2000 that Canadian star Alexz Johnson had begun her acting journey. Her first acting gig was as Annie Thelen in the show So Weird. A few years later, she rose to mainstream fame courtesy of her lead role in the popular Canadian series Instant Star. Simultaneously, she starred as Erin Ulmer in the movie Final Destination 3.

She also starred in the TV movies Reefer Madness, Devil’s Diary, and Selling Innocence. After Instant Star ended, she guest-starred in Smallville as Saturn Girl and starred in the TV movie Stranger with My Face. In the 2010s, she had a recurring role in Blue and roles in the films House of Bodies and The Wasting. It was also during this period that she started a singing career. She released her debut album Voodoo in 2010.

The actress-singer maintains her health and fitness by being physically active. She eats healthy but she knows she also needs to have a workout routine in order to improve her strength and overall health. Exercising also helps her enhance her mood as well as her boost her energy levels. So, what’s the actress’ secret to staying in shape? It’s karate. In an interview, she shared how she got into it. She said:

“My Dad is retired now but he was a karate instructor when I was growing up and we all kind of had to do karate because he, well, told us to so we did. I enjoyed it, I think it’s cool. I think it’s good for kids to feel like they have self-defense and I think it’s important to have something in your pocket, there’s some scary situations out there, I think that people should be able to defend themselves. I love a punching bag, if I’m ever at a gym I love just taking some hits and kicks at it and stuff. It gets a lot of my anger out so I definitely try to do it when I can.”

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