Addison Timlin Workout Routine


Film and television actress Addison Timlin‘s career has had over a decade of tenure in Hollywood. With her beauty and talent, she’ll surely last longer despite tough competition. After making her feature film debut in Derailed, she appeared in 3 episodes of 3 lbs. Her next role came a few years later on the TV series Cashmere Mafia. She then had a guest part on Law & Order and starred on the pilot Day One. Her career took an interesting turn in 2010 with a recurring role on Californication. Her role on the show was pretty notable. She the joined the main cast of Zero Hour. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after one season. Addison recently played the lead role of Lucinda Price in the film Fallen. Before this, she was noticed for her performance in The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

The 25-year-old actress looks remarkable despite her petite frame. Her charm, strong screen presence and acting chops made this possible. She may be young but the actress already knows how to take care of herself properly. Though she enjoys food, she makes sure she eats the right ones. Furthermore, she knows that eating right is not enough. Healthy eating must go hand in hand with regular exercise. For her, working out is important not only to maintain her weight, but to also keep fit and strong.

One thing that the young star doesn’t like is living a sedentary lifestyle. As much as possible, she avoids being a couch potato. She moves a lot and makes sure to take a lot of steps everyday. With her job as an actress it becomes easier with the shoots. Still, she allots time to exercise. Even cardio routines are enough for her. She just needs to keep the blood flowing and her metabolism in check. She loves to run and take long walks. From time to time she also challenges herself by taking strength training to develop her muscles.

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