Taylor Schilling Diet Plan

Taylor Schilling

American actress Taylor Schilling was already in her early 20s when she began a career on the screen, starting with a movie in 2007. It then took a few years later for her to land an acting gig, but this time on television, playing a main role on the short-lived medical drama series Mercy from 2009 to 2010. Her career became more prolific after this, playing a notable role in the movie Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 released in 2011. She next played Zac Efron’s leading lady in the romantic drama The Lucky One and appeared as Ben Affleck’s wife in Argo, both films released in 2012. Turning point of her career was the following year when she started playing the lead role in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, which has since earned her numerous nominations and exposed her to more mainstream audiences worldwide. She recently starred in the 2015 film The Overnight.

Standing at 5’8, the 31-year-old actress is now a household name considering she only started acting in the late 2000s. Hard work certainly paid off, plus her beauty is remarkable. How does she maintain her slender physique? Interestingly, Taylor claims she doesn’t do any cleanses or detoxes because they don’t work for her. What she’s done is she’s trained herself of avoiding sugar because having it does not have a good effect on her, which intervenes her from working late at night.

She doesn’t have any special dies. She just focuses on eating simple and healthy foods. She’s aware of what’s good for her and what’s not, so that pretty much is enough for her to decide what to eat most of the time to maintain her positive health and well-being, and of course to keep her energized, which is crucial for her work as an actress. She also revealed that she’s a snack lover, though usually just the healthy ones like almonds or an apple. She also makes sure she eats in a balanced way, so she has chicken, fish, or tofu as her source of proteins and then she partners this with starch and complex carbs. For example, chicken, brown rice, and veggies; or fish, veggies, and quinoa.

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