Sofia Boutella Workout Routine

Sofia Boutella

Algerian beauty Sofia Boutella is now one of Hollywood’s fresh faces. She started her acting career in France where she mostly grew up. Having trained in dance she she was young, she became a professional as an adult. She then began dancing for music videos with her first prominent gig being in Madonna’s “Hung Up”. She has since appeared on music videos of such artists as Rihanna and Chris Brown. In the 2010s, she began an acting career. Her debut was in the British film StreetDance 2. She eventually made her breakthrough as Gazelle in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service. This was followed by another notable role in Star Trek Beyond. Her performances in the aforementioned films brought her international notice.

Being a professional dancer, working out is something that she normally does. But her role in Kingsman: The Secret Service as a super fierce assassin is a different story. Sofia admitted that for the role she trained taekwondo daily for three months. As for the amount of strength that was visible in her leg work, she advised: “The leg work I do is about performing one movement over and over again for long enough until the muscle goes numb – that’s when I know it’s working. It takes me around half an hour so I put on some music and repeat the exercise until I can’t feel myself doing it any more. It’s hardcore, but it’s worth it. The feeling of being able to kick with greater strength each day is empowering.”

She also shared how dancing is a great alternative for exercise. She said: “Dancing is such a great workout on its own that I never had to do much other training. When I toured with Madonna I just did a bit of Pilates in the morning and that was it. That’s why dance classes are such an amazing alternative to going to the gym. Try out a freestyle class like hip-hop and see how much you sweat.” She added: “I’ve been doing ballet and rhythmic gymnastics since I was five years old and I’ve learned that dance training at any level is just about developing muscle memory.”

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