Natalie Martinez Diet Plan

Natalie Martinez

With her Cuban heritage, Natalie Martinez‘s beauty is particularly striking. Add her toned and curvaceous figure to the equation and she’s a certified bombshell with huge talents. Natalie began her career in Hollywood by appearing in music videos. She has appeared in Justin Timberlake’s “Señorita” and Sean Paul’s “We Be Burnin'”, to name a few. She ultimately landed roles on television.

During her early years as an actress, she starred on the telenovelas Fashion House and Saints & Sinners. She also made a notable cinematic debut in the movie Death Race. In the 2010s, her works on the big screen became more significant. During this period, she joined the cast of major Hollywood productions such as Broken City and End of Watch. She also flourished on the small screen with starring roles on Under the Dome and Secrets and Lies. Since 2015, she stars as Alicia Mendez on the TV series Kingdom.

The film and TV actress maintains her slender figure and toned body by observing a healthy lifestyle. Aside from spending her free time on working out to stay in shape, she also is cautious when it comes to the food she eats. Most of the time she goes for the ones that nourishes her body. Interestingly though, Natalie confesses to eating what she wants. In an interview, she said: “I do eat what I want. i love meat—I’m Cuban, i grew up eating meat, platanos, and arroz con pollo.”

On the other hand, she also does dieting and cleansing whenever roles in movies or television require her to. “I don’t believe in starving yourself, but sometimes I do cleanses and diets to prepare for a role,” she said. Overall, the actress practices a healthy eating habits with her food choices, saying: “I choose a lot of greens, proteins, and fats, and I like to be really active.”

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