Stana Katic Workout Routine

Stana Katic

Hollywood star Stana Katic had her beginnings in the early 2000s. Some of her early roles were in the straight-to-video film Shut-Eye and some guest appearances on TV. She went on to appear in a few episodes of the shows The Shield, ER, and 24. In the late 2000s, she had notable roles in the movies Quantum of Solace, The Spirit, Stiletto, and Feast of Love. Afterwards, she got her major break after landing the role of Kate Beckett on Castle. The show’s success secured her status on the small screen as a television staple. She starred on the show until its finale in 2016. Her most recent role was as the lead on Absentia.

The actress nears her 40s, but looking at her it’s apparent how her slender and toned figure makes her look younger than her actual age. This is because she takes care of herself real good. Aside from observing a healthy diet, the television star makes sure she maintains her fit body by working out regularly. She actually starts her day doing yoga. Cardio in the morning also gets the blood flowing, which is course is good. Stana also admits to preferring to perform outdoor exercises in the forms of activities.

Some of the things she loves to do are hiking, horseback riding, and archery. According to her, these activities tone her upper body while also being a form of meditation. In an interview, she said: “Exercise is huge! I like yoga in the morning. It gets the blood flowing. When I travel, it’s great to wake up and do a sun salutation wherever I am to greet the day. It makes you feel more liquid and balanced. Hiking is also great. And I really like archery — I find it very meditative. I’d have to say horseback riding is one of my favorite activities.”

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