Meagan Good Diet Plan

Meagan Good

It was in 1991 that Hollywood actress Meagan Good started her professional acting career. She started guest-starring on the small screen. She also played minor to supporting roles in some movies. Her first starring role was as Nina Jones on the television series Cousin Skeeter. Afterwards, she appeared as Katie in 7 episodes of Raising Dad.

She went on to have recurring parts on My Wife and Kids and Kevin Hill. In 2011, she played Kali on Californication. She then joined the main cast of the TV series Deception as Joanna Locasto. She also starred as Mya in the movie Think Like a Man and its sequel Think Like a Man Too, as well as starred as Linda in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. In addition, she’s known for her performances in many horror films. This includes Venom, One Missed Call, Saw V, and The Unborn.

Meagan Good stays in shape not only by working out but by eating well, too. For one, the actress admits that it was easier to maintain her weight when she was in her 20s. But now that she’s in her 30s, she knows she has to make healthier options. She said: “Well, it’s true what they say—in your 20s it’s a lot easier to maintain a certain body weight! Now that I’m 31 I try to eat healthier. In the morning, I have a protein shake. In the afternoon I eat mostly whatever I want, I just try to modify it to a healthier choice and a smaller portion—since I still have time to be active if I’m a little bad. In the evening, I stick to baked chicken and veggies.”

Overall, she has the following advice to stay beautiful and healthy: “I think some of the best ways to stay healthy when you have a busy life and career are protein shakes, lots of vitamins, and not depriving yourself. Also, modifying your eating habits to a healthier version of what you want. And always find some time to be a little bit active, even if it’s just walking.”

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