Mary-Margaret Humes Net Worth

Mary-Margaret Humes

Mary-Margaret Humes:

$3 million

Mary-Margaret Humes is an American actress whose career started in the 1980s. She debuted in an episode of the show The Dukes of Hazzard. Meanwhile, her first movie role was in 1981’s History of the World: Part 1. The rest of the 1980s saw her land mostly one-episode roles on television. In the ’90s, she had her first starring role as Marilyn Teller in the NBC series Eerie, Indiana. She became further known during the late ’90s after landing the role of Gail Leery in Dawson’s Creek, airing on television until 2003. Following this, she had guest appearances on various shows. Her latest role was in the 2018 TV movie Home by Spring.

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