Mary Elizabeth Winstead Workout Routine

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Actress and singer Mary Elizabeth Winstead made her acting debut in 2005. During this year, she made appearances in the films The Ring Two, Checking Out, and Sky High. Her first lead role was in the horror feature Final Destination 3. This introduced her to mainstream audiences. She next starred in the slasher movie Black Christmas. She was also part of the main cast of the film Death Proof. She next starred as Lucy Gennero-McClane in the action film Live Free or Die Hard. She went on to have notable roles in the feature films Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Thing, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Her recent movie was in 10 Cloverfield Lane. She has also starred as Nikki Swango on Fargo.

The pretty-faced actress manages to stay slim, fit, and healthy. She does so by observing a healthy lifestyle. This is despite the temptations in the forms of tasty foods and being inactive. These aren’t options for her as being on the unhealthy side makes her weak. She makes sure that she eats mostly nutritious foods and she works out regularly. Though she also admits she has grown up eating greasy and fatty foods. Generally though, she doesn’t care about how she looks. She states how important it is to be confident about one’s body.

Still, she works out not for the sake of looking thin, but to feel stronger. Working out is also good for one’s mental health. It’s been show to improve one’s mood as it increases the brain’s serotonin levels. Thus, not only does she maintain her healthy weight and energy, she also has an improved frame of mind that helps her work as an actress more efficiently. As for her workout routine, she said: “I incorporate exercise into my daily routine. I recently started running and I do kick-boxing DVDs, too. At the end of the day, the most important thing to me is being healthy and fit.”

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