Lisa Haydon Diet Plan

Lisa Haydon

Indian celebrity Lisa Haydon established a successful career as a model. After this, she pursued acting in which she also found herself passionate into. Her acting work officially began in the 2010s. She made her film debut in 2010’s Aisha. The next year she appeared in the movie Rascals. Her performance in Queen garnered her praise. She even got a Filmfare nomination for Best Supporting Actress for this. Around the same time she appeared in the film The Shaukeens. She did not have any movies in 2015. But in 2016 she starred in Santa Banta Pvt Ltd and Housefull 3. On TV, she appeared as judge on India’s Next Top Model.

Standing at 5’10 and being a model, of course Haydon has a slender, lean and a fit body. She has amazing genes, for sure, but her incredible figure can also be credited to her healthy lifestyle. The model-actress implements her fitness routine and eats healthy as well. Being in her 30s, she understands more than ever the importance of proper nutrition. She also finds it easier to eat right because by eating properly she feels her energy levels have a boost. For this reason, she avoids eating oily, starchy and sugary foods. She also stays away from empty calories such as junk foods.

Though she revealed that she’s more carefree with what she eats when shooting a movie. When asked about her diet in an interview, the Indian celebrity answered: While on shoot I cannot control my diet in any way. I eat anything – idli, sambar, dosa. When I am at home, it is wholly fruit juices. My parents are vegans and at home it is vegan food only No dairy products. No meat. Nothing! My mum cooks delicious food: if it is Thai in the morning, it could be Chinese in the evening. Lots of ginger, coconut milk, carrots, cucumber and things like that go into my mom’s preparations.”

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