Kristin Lehman Diet Plan

Kristin Lehman

Hollywood actress Kristin Lehman had her career beginnings in the mid ’90s. She started acting on Canadian television, such as Forever Knight and Due South. She then made her film debut in 1996’s Alaska. She next had roles in the films Bleeders and Dog Park. She also became known for playing Det. Jordan McGuire on the television series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. She later starred as Kristin Adams on the show Poltergeist: The Legacy. In the 2000s, she ventured to US television. She first became known for starring as Dr. Lily Reddicker on Judging Amy. She next had notable roles on the shows Century City, Tilt, and G-Spot. Her next role was as Det. Danielle Carter on Killer Instinct. She became further known for her role as Gwen Eaton on The Killing and as Detective Angie Flynn on Motive.

The 45-year-old actress takes care of her physical self and overall health by practicing a clean diet. In fact, the actress used to practice veganism before, for 14 years, before starting to eat meat again when she was 33. What triggered her major decision to eat meat again? She said: “I was having a really tumultuous year with family illnesses, a few deaths, professional challenges. I was also in the middle of a divorce. One day, my intuition whispered, “Eat that meat.” And I did.”

But why did she decide to be a vegan in the first place before? She said: “I was dairy-free for a long time and that’s what started me eating that way. Since I had to cut out the dairy, it just seemed easier at the time to be a vegetarian…and then vegan.” What’s her diet like these days? She stated: “Every now and then, I’ll eat a little bit of sheep or goat cheese. I also experiment with a variety of healthy fats, so I may eat a dab of organic creamery butter sometimes. But I generally use a lot of olive oil and sunflower oil. I try to stay away from anything that could possibly be GMO-influenced. So, no canola oil, none of that stuff. I also stay away from soy.”

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