Katja Herbers Diet Plan

Katja Herbers

Dutch actress Katja Herbers started her career in her native Netherlands. She made her film debut in the 2002 Dutch family film Peter Bell. She reprised her role in the sequel Peter Bell II: The Hunt for the Czar Crown. She then made her Hollywood debut, appearing in the CBS TV movie Brush with Fate. She later starred in the Dutch films Timboektoe and The Storm. She continued her film career in the 2010s, performing in the movies Loft, Sonny Boy, and Süskind.

In 2014, she made her first role on an American show in an episode of Manhattan. She next guest-starred on the FX series The Americans. After this, she appeared in 3 episodes of the HBO show The Leftovers and appeared on the miniseries Manhunt: Unabomber. This year, she recently joined the main cast of the HBO acclaimed series Westworld, gaining her further recognition.

In an interview, the actress got candid about her diet plan and her other eating habits. For breakfast, she prefers a healthy meal to start her day right. She said: “I’ll always turn on the kettle when I wake up and make myself some green tea. I’ve started to put some Echinacea drops into my tea, and I feel it helps prevent me from getting colds.”

She went on to say: “Then I’ll have some yoghurt with granola and fresh fruit, or in winter I’ll make some oatmeal with almond milk, banana and dried plums. I’ve stopped drinking coffee, and it’s helped a lot with my energy levels. I still really like the taste of coffee, so I might head out to get myself a nice decaf latte.”

She usually prefers something healthy for her meals, saying: “Then for lunch, I’d have some sourdough toast with avocado and a poached egg. And for dinner, I’d go have the freshest and sustainably farmed salmon sushi with a miso soup and some hot sake.”

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