Jill Hennessy Diet Plan

Jill Hennessy

Canadian star Jill Hennessy had her career beginnings in the late 1980s. She made her film debut in Dead Ringers while her first TV appearance was in War of the Worlds. Her first recurring role on TV was in Friday the 13th: The Series. The following decade, she starred as Claire Kincaid in Law & Order. She achieved further success in the 2000s for starring as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh in Crossing Jordan. In the 2010s, she had notable performances on the TV shows Luck, Jo, and Madam Secretary. Some of her work in the movies include I Shot Andy Warhol, Autumn in New York, Wild Hogs, and Dawn Rider.

The actress turns 49 this year, but despite her age, it’s obvious that she looks younger than her actual age. This is because the television actress sticks to a healthy diet in order to maintain her healthy weight and youthful glow. She understands the importance of focusing on a well-rounded, balanced diet. Proper nutrition also becomes more crucial with age as it’s harder to lose weight when one is older. Jill also basically stays away from processed foods. She has cravings, which she indulges herself in every now and then, but she does so in moderation.

In an interview, the actress also shared something about her eating habits: “I am a vegetable freak. I love vegetables. But because of all the work we’ve been doing, I end up not eating as much as I should. I end up eating peanut butter and jelly crusts, ham and cheese, carrot and celery sticks and coming to events like this and hoping there’s food. That’s exactly what’s been happening lately.”

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