Jaimie Alexander Workout Routine

Jaimie Alexander

It was in 2004 that Hollywood star Jaimie Alexander started her acting journey. Her debut was in the B-movie Squirrel Trap. She next played the lead in the movie Rest Stop. On the small screen, her first main role was as Caitlin Porter in the TV series Watch Over Me. She became further known for starring as Jessi Hollander in Kyle XY, joining the show’s main cast from seasons 2-3. In the 2010s, she became further recognized for performances both on film and television. During this period, she played the role of Sif in Thor. She reprised her role in the sequel Thor: The Dark World. In 2015, she started playing the lead character in the television series Blindspot. Simultaneously, she had roles in the movies Broken Vows and London Fields.

The Blindspot actress trains continuously for her role on the said show. Even before this, she was already active when it comes to her workout regimen. She also played a female warrior character in Thor, which required her to look strong. When it comes to her routine, she said:

“I do what’s called a prison workout—a lot of sprint-interval work and burpees—which I have a love-hate relationship with. My latest obsession is Valslides by Valerie Waters. You can use them anywhere, on hardwood floors or carpet. I do lunges, push-ups, pikes, and ab work with them. I also have a TRX band and a jump rope in my trailer. And I love swimming. It’s a great low-impact high-cardio workout. I never did it as a kid, but for Blindspot, I trained with a Navy SEAL.”

She also shared how she got into boxing:

“I wasn’t very healthy in my twenties—I sat around and ate a lot of crap, and my weight peaked at 150 pounds. Then I got the part in Thor. I felt as if I had a whole new purpose in life. I was like, I can do this, but I was so out of shape. Chris and I started boxing to train for our roles, and I became the athlete I was in high school. I lost 20 pounds and packed on a ton of muscle.”

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