Gael Garcia Bernal Workout Routine

Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal is an actor from Mexico. He initially started his career on Mexican telenovelas. His first lead role was on the TV drama El abuelo y yo. He became more active on the Mexican screen in the 2000s. He gained international notice in 2001. This is thanks to his work in the film Y tu mamá también. The movie was directed by noted Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón. This led him to go international. He starred as Che Guevarra in Fidel. He became further known for starring in the Spanish film Bad Education. He played Che Guevarra again in the biopic The Motorcycle Diaries. Some of his Hollywood performances include Babel and Letters to Juliet.

The Mexican actor is known for his variety of roles in a variety of films. His knack for acting has been tested and proven. This is courtesy of his diverse performances. When it comes to his physique, the actor is also pretty much disciplined. He takes care of himself that makes him look younger than his actual age (he’s 38). He knows that an actor needs look great and feel healthy. So, he eats nutritious food. This is to ensure his body only consumes vitamins needed for health and fitness.

Speaking of fitness, the actor also works out. He takes the time and exerts efforts to maintain his strength. He knows he needs his full stamina if he wants to be more prolific as an actor. Naturally, Gael exercises by running a lot. The actor revealed in an interview that running is his favorite form of workout. He also does other cardio exercises. Additionally, he plays sports and does other outdoor activities. As he loves sports, he’s in an amateur football league. This helps him to exercise his body while enjoying the fun and challenge of being in a competition.

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