Claes Bang Net Worth

Claes Bang

Claes Bang

$1 million

Claes Bang is a Danish actor. He’s been acting since the 1990s, debuting in the Danish TV series Taxa. His first movie role was in 1998’s On Our Own. In the 2000s, he starred in a few feature films, as well as starred in the Danish police drama Anna Pihl from 2006 to 2008. He next starred in the television show 2900 Happiness. In the 2010s, he had a role in the German film Jungle Child. He later played the lead in the film The Square. In 2018, he made his Hollywood debut as Jan Holtser in the film The Girl in the Spider’s Web. He next guest-starred in the Showtime series The Affair. His next role was in the 2019 movie The Burnt Orange Heresy. He currently plays Count Dracula in the new series Dracula.

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